Sleeping Cat

This is just a very brief post as I wanted to upload a drawing again for a change. I thought I’d choose a cat this time, seeing that I haven’t shown any cats on here yet.

Other than that it is quite unusual there isn’t really very much to say about it, so it will save me a lot of writing, and you from getting bored πŸ˜‰

Cat sleeping on settee, A3 pencil

I had to double check with the client that it is this position I was to draw the cat in, as I was concerned that to some people it might not even look alive in the picture. Apparently, though, it had a habit of lying over the back of the sofa like that, so this is what they wanted me to show. Makes a difference from the usual front or three quarter views.


7 thoughts on “Sleeping Cat

  1. You do amazing work, in a great British tradition of being able to draw from life. Obviously you’ve taken it further then most. I love the choice of posture here, and I feel like I could touch the soft fur under the cat’s chin.

    • Thanks for your kind comment, I’m afraid I can’t take credit for the pose in this portrait as the owners provided me with the photograph they wanted drawn to remind them of their late cat’s typical resting pose.

    • Uhm, yes, I must admit, I was concerned about that when I drew it, but it was a pose the cat’s owners wanted me to draw as the cat liked to lie on the back of the sofa like that.

    • Yes Scott, always from photographs, these ones anyway. A detailed study like that takes me a minimum of two long days not counting breaks so photographs are the only way. Helps to meet the animal though.

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